How to Find a Supplier for Sports Apparel in China

Before starting your sports apparel business or brand, the first and important thing is you need to find a reliable supplier.                 

China is the largest manufacturer and exporter in the world nowadays. it has a complete supply chain, specializes in a number of different product categories. you almost find every product available here.

when you intend to take your sports apparel from an idea to a physical product. switch to China will be the best choice.

But there are so many factories, how to find the right sportswear manufacturer? Here are the tips you may need to know.

Where is the manufacture of my custom sportswear?

In China, the trend of industrial agglomeration is very obvious. Such as you can find most electronic products in Shenzhen, most lighting in GuZhen, Zhongshan. if you are looking for furniture, you’d better go to Foshan or Shunde. for garments factory, you can find it in Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Fujian. But as the rising cost of labor, factories in the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta are being miniaturized. Garment factories gradually moved to the inland cities of China, such as Anhui, Jiangxi, Hubei, Sichuan.

Which one should I choose to customize my sports apparel?

 1)Perfect match

 In China, there is an old saying “perfect match“.if your annual sales for sports apparel are only 1 million. It is unwise for you to find a large factory with 1,000 people to make the goods. Because your order quantity is the smallest among his customers, he will not take you seriously.

How can I be considered right? here give a reference: order quantity/5=number of factories. In other words, if your average order quantity is 300 pieces, it is better for you to find a small factory with 60 people. This is only for the sports apparel industry


2) Communication

Choose the one who understands your requirements better. some sales may say well understood. But it is not really understood, then the final finished goods may not you want. Work with the person who can give you some suggestions or guide you, especially for the startups. A knowledgeable and experienced salesperson on sportswear can help you make fewer mistakes and grow your business quicker.

3)Work as strategic partners, not only seller and buyer.

The awareness of the salesperson and the factory owner is very important. if he only takes your order as an order, there may be a lot of troubles in future cooperation. He should take you as a panter to think how to make your goods perfect, how to make it hot selling, what is new in the market? to offer solutions and suggestions to make you grow together, win together.

But who knows if you don’t cooperate for three to five months. 

4)The strength of the factory

-Choose the factory with the ability to make paper patterns for different styles of sports apparel. Some pattern makers are part-time jobs, it is not good for them to verify pattern problems.

-Choose a factory that owns a full set of production equipment, from patterning, printing, sewing, inspecting, ironing, packing. some factories may only have some of them, it is a risk in terms of delivery speed and quality control.

-Choose the one who has got the certification and what are countries they export, If the factory has sold to companies in the United States or Europe, they are most likely producing higher quality goods.

How can I trust this sportswear manufacture?

Check when the factory been founded? How long has it survived? If a factory can survive for more than 5 years, it will not be bad.

– Check which customers the factory has made goods for them, if they have done for some famous brand, congratulations, there is basically no problem with the quality

– Check If any third parties inspect the factory.

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